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April 9, 2008

Photo by: EBR

Just recently 60 Minutes had a piece about a scientific survey concerning happiness made by Leicester University in England. The piece was about Denmark, which came in number one as the happiest people in the world. Canada came in number 10.

In the piece from 60 Minutes the journalist Morley Safer interviews a Danish journalist and comedian, Sebastian Dorset, and he says that even though the Danes are the happiest people you do not see them go around smiling in the streets, actually they look a bit discontent.

I saw this nodding in recognition and it made me think about walking in the streets of Montreal the last couple of sunny days. It seems to me that the people of Montreal have got a dose spring-joy with all these sunbeams and now they walk around smiling on the streets.

I have to confess that I have had my dose as well, and perhaps this little piece is affected by this, but seen with my Danish eyes (which are not scientific, representative or unbiased) people actually seem more relaxed and smiling here. Perhaps it just the sunshine speaking…


What’s the big deal with that poutine?!

February 28, 2008

Photo by Roboppy

“You should try the Elvis”, “You can’t judge it until you have tried a classic”, “It seems to hit just the right spot when you are either drunk or hung over!” “Go to La Banquise”.

I had my first poutine not too long ago. After a night of dancing and drinking all the well-meaning advice of how I could lose my poutine-virginity in the best and most tasteful way sprang into mind. I went into it open-minded, but I must say that I don’t understand what the fuss is about.

Poutine has a long history, but I guess all Montrealers know that… For all the uninitiated out there I can sum it up to this: French fries with gravy and cheese curds.

Being faced with one of Canada’s, and Quebec’s in particularly, national dishes I must say that I blinked twice when the plate of brown confusion was placed in front of me. I would normally prefer my fries as crispy as possible and the gravy as brown and thick as possible. And the two things not mixed together. The cheese I would not complain about.

So it was a cultural experience for me and my taste buds, when I ate the first soft French frie soaked in light-brown gravy and half melted cheese. But when in Montreal do as the Montrealers, and I must say after haven researched on and written this blogpost I might give poutine a second chance. It actually sounds kind of good.