About the Dane and her blog

Hi, bonjour and goddag!

I’m Kristine Kornum – a 26-year-old Dane who has moved her home to Montreal for four months. I’m here to study journalism at Concordia University, but I’m also here to study a life, a city, a country totally different, and yet very much the same, than my own.

I give you my eyes. They are not brand new, but they are mine and they see things my way. A wondering, curious and Danish way. The readers of this blog are Montrealers, Québécois, Canadians and Danes. It offers a new or a different perspective of Montreal and hopefully it will sometimes create a debate among the readers.

The blogposts will be about how it is to come to Montreal as a stranger and about how the city develops in my eyes a long with my stay here. I will try to alternate between big, difficult topics more daily life topics.



  1. Welcome to montreal, I hope your stay in our city is an enjoyable and culturally memorable one for you. If there’s anything you’re curious about just ask, someone will be sure to help you out!!


  2. I am a Canadian living in Denmark. I hope that my fellow Canadians treat you as warmly as the Danes have treated my family and I.

    Please, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. . .

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