For the love of the game

April 10, 2008

Photo by: Jpghouse

The number of audience that went to see a match in the Danish Hockey League has risen this season. 1.534 persons pr match. This is what I have to compare with when I see cars everywhere in Montreal with the Canadiens-flag out of their window. This is what I have to compare with when I see a car painted in the red, white and blue colors with the Canadiens-logo on each side, of course. So I guess you can understand that it seems a bit overwhelming.

I read an article in Metro a week or two ago about how it affected the happiness of the Montrealers if the Canadiens are successful. I think I found the same study here, and even though it is in French, I pretty sure it says that one person out of five thinks that the performance of their club influence their level of happiness. Wow! I don’t even think the Danes feel that way with one of the Danish national sport soccer (can’t be sure of course).

I would have loved to see all of these strong club-feelings evolve live at the first play-off match tonight, but of course the ticket are sold out months (seasons?) in advance. That is what I call commitment. I will do the second best at go to the local sports bar, can’t wait to see this intense hockey-culture when the stakes are as high as they are. I wonder if it will be quite the anticlimax to go and see hockey in Denmark, when I come back…


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  1. Hi, I found your blog randomly and I’m glad to know there’s a Dane in my hometown. Take care.

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