A love story

March 31, 2008

Photo by: Kornum

I have passed it a few times on Rue Rachel, and every time it puts a smile upon my face. Je t’aime. I don’t know, what the true story is, but I know that I like the story I have made up in my head about the Je t’aime just above this grey looking letterbox.

It’s the story about how the young handsome man wins over the love of his life by painting the Je t’aime above her letterbox, reminding her every day of his love. (I know that I’m very much affected by a lot of very non-realistic love movies).

Perhaps you know the real story, but if it’s not as good as mine, I’m not sure I want to hear it…


One comment

  1. Nice. I’ll look for this next time 🙂

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