Now that Montreal is melting…

March 25, 2008

Photo by: Butterflysha

Now that Montreal is melting, I would like to salute the “winter-inhabitants” of Montreal. I know, it is not with joy in their mind and praise in their heart that Montrealers shovel through meters of snow to get to their car or put on clothes on top of clothes just to get some milk or bread. Still I have felt a winter-love in this city, which I have never experienced before.

It has been snowing in parts of Denmark the last few days, and I see how the snow is the subject to many news reports in the newspapers, I also see, in these Facebook days, how my Danish friends update their status with complaints about the snow, As if life cannot be lived fully when it snows. But I know it can, I have seen it the last few months.

Even during the really bad snowstorm here in Montreal a couple of weeks ago (March 8th) the taxies didn’t stop driving, the shops didn’t close and the city didn’t stop turning. The day after you could see not just a few people outside enjoying the weather. Perhaps they would have preferred the snow not to be there, but now that their Sunday once again turned out to be a white one, it seemed to me that the Montrealers just chose to live and embrace the snow.

I checked the Danish Meteorological Institute’s webpage to compare the average precipitation in Montreal and Copenhagen. In January, February and March Montreal has had 232 millimeters precipitation, while Copenhagen had 94. In the same period Montreal had 44 days with precipitation, while Copenhagen had 27 of those days. Remember this is all in average.

I found the numbers interesting because you would think that the people with the most precipitation would be the ones to complaint the most about it. But then again you could argue that you get more use to living side by side with the snow, when it is always there. I know of cause that Montrealers also get sick and tired of the snow, but it can’t change the way my eyes see the relationship between this city’s inhabitants and the snow: like an old marriage kept together by love and a good screaming quarrel once in a while.


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