A Dane wondering…

March 10, 2008

Photo by: Wallyg

Walking down the street, sitting in the metro and talking with Montrealers, I have found myself wondering. These wonders I will try to create blogposts about in the next couple of weeks, but as I am not able to do all these blogpost right away, I thought it could be interesting to let you see them. Perhaps you have a comment, a new wonder, a better wonder.

  • Why does The Gazette use a format that I have seen any Danish newspaper use?
  • How does blind people cross the road when there is no sound to tell them when it’s okay to go (So far I have only heard the sound at one crossing in Montreal)?
  • Where does the Homeless people on Rue Mont Royal go when it gets cold or wet – how does the social system take care of them compared to the Danish social system?
  • Why do they spend money on heating up the metro that much?
  • What is with the whole cheek kissing-culture – who does it, who doesn’t and do they do it in all of Canada?
  • Does the cars in Montreal have special rust protection to be able to stand covered with snow the most of the time?


  1. The metro isn’t heated.

    Amazingly enough, all that heat caused by the trains running. Only in the odd extended corridor far from the platform will you find a space heater or heat lamp.

    As for rust, the big problem isn’t so much the snow, it’s the salt that is laid on the streets to melt the ice and gets kicked into the air by car tires. That’s why cars rust from the bottom up here.

  2. […] I wrote earlier in A Dane wondering, I have been thinking about where the homeless people on Ave Mont Royal go in night or when it gets […]

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