If you google Montreal in Danish…

February 6, 2008

A bit nerve racking. My first blogpost, my first point of view about Montreal is about to be born. I hope you like seeing Montreal through my eyes.

When I was younger traveling in France, I met Charles and Valerie from Quebec. I don’t remember where they were from in Quebec, but I remember thinking, “wow those people seem so non-prejudiced, so liberal and so happy about life.” I think you would call it ‘joie de vivre’ in French (that’s what my Lonely Planet – Montreal calls it). I never thought I would be experiencing it. Living in Denmark, Quebec and Montreal were very far away.

If you google Montreal in all-Danish webpages, as I did here, the top three hits are:
• Montreal – Wikipedia
• Montreal-prokokollen or in English The Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the Ozone Layer (also in Wikipeda)
• An article on The European Commission’s webpage called ‘Ozone layer under protection’
And so it continues with some travel links and more links about the climate summit.

Not exactly ‘joie de vivre’, but it illustrates very well how far away Montreal can seem in the eyes of a Dane. It is not a city you hear much about in Denmark. Not in the media. Not in everyday talks. Not in discussions about where to go on the next holiday.

It is not because Danes are ignorant and can’t see across the Atlantic. There are just more important cities, I suppose. I chose to come here, as an exchange student, because others went before me, and they came back smiling, evaluating this city as ‘happy’, ‘cultural’ and differently worth to experience.

I’m not done experiencing yet, but I will spread the word: “Go to Montreal, because…” (I’m still figuring how to make the last part of that sentence perfect, I will finish it in a few month. Promise).


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