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What’s the big deal with that poutine?!

February 28, 2008

Photo by Roboppy

“You should try the Elvis”, “You can’t judge it until you have tried a classic”, “It seems to hit just the right spot when you are either drunk or hung over!” “Go to La Banquise”.

I had my first poutine not too long ago. After a night of dancing and drinking all the well-meaning advice of how I could lose my poutine-virginity in the best and most tasteful way sprang into mind. I went into it open-minded, but I must say that I don’t understand what the fuss is about.

Poutine has a long history, but I guess all Montrealers know that… For all the uninitiated out there I can sum it up to this: French fries with gravy and cheese curds.

Being faced with one of Canada’s, and Quebec’s in particularly, national dishes I must say that I blinked twice when the plate of brown confusion was placed in front of me. I would normally prefer my fries as crispy as possible and the gravy as brown and thick as possible. And the two things not mixed together. The cheese I would not complain about.

So it was a cultural experience for me and my taste buds, when I ate the first soft French frie soaked in light-brown gravy and half melted cheese. But when in Montreal do as the Montrealers, and I must say after haven researched on and written this blogpost I might give poutine a second chance. It actually sounds kind of good.


If you google Montreal in Danish…

February 6, 2008

A bit nerve racking. My first blogpost, my first point of view about Montreal is about to be born. I hope you like seeing Montreal through my eyes.

When I was younger traveling in France, I met Charles and Valerie from Quebec. I don’t remember where they were from in Quebec, but I remember thinking, “wow those people seem so non-prejudiced, so liberal and so happy about life.” I think you would call it ‘joie de vivre’ in French (that’s what my Lonely Planet – Montreal calls it). I never thought I would be experiencing it. Living in Denmark, Quebec and Montreal were very far away. Read the rest of this entry ?